Label: Song, by Toad Records Release date: 26/06/10 Buy: Amazon Tinny, beautiful, intricate, incomprehensible, compelling. That's just the first song. Cold Seeds is folky, but full of surprising twists and turns based on the gorgeous vocal work and sonic tinkering of Animal Magic Tricks, King Creosote and Meursault. This endeavour combines a number of songs, and although each artists' bare bones and experimental styles hold a similar aesthetic, it is also evident that the production and mixing has this time gelled into one entirely perfect product. Three songs by each artist are added to by the others, thus creating nine songs which bring together their sounds and ultimately complement and balance one another. I have a soft spot for this pared down mode of recording, from the Fence label, but the combination of Animal Magic Tricks' unique voice, with the richer tonalities of King Creosote and (half of) Meursault, and added skrinkly noise effects, strings, and further synthesis, creates a truly richer sound. Animal Magic Tricks' songs are made increasingly dark and drip with tension, while King Creosote and Meursault are given added texture by the echoing noise experiments and backing vocals of the others. It's a mish mash of noise, light, vocals and twinkling subtle guitar. Songs blur into one another and end abruptly by turns, and the mix of grinding and scraping which seems to line every track adds to a feeling of incomprehensibility and substance. It's fascinating stuff. Photobucket