Anna Meredith has done what she set out to do - nail her first pop song. New single 'Taken' is an offering off her forthcoming album Varmints and can be categorized as light and catchy, hinting at an album which might just exude the same.

"When I’m teaching composition to students I quite often do a pompous ramble about how writing a 'pop song' is one of the hardest things you can do. There’s nowhere to hide behind the material, it needs to be catchy – but for the right reasons. I think this is the closet I’ve ever got to nailing one!" Meredith says.

Her debut album Varmints is out March 4 via Moshi Moshi

  • Track List:
  • 01. Nautilus
  • 02. Taken
  • 03. Scrimshaw
  • 04. Something Helpful
  • 05. R-Type
  • 06. Dowager
  • 07. The Vapours
  • 08. Honeyed Words
  • 09. Last Rose
  • 10. Shill
  • 11. Blackfriars