There has to be a Mount Vesuvius-level of jealousy in the pop music world for whatever magical water musicians from Scandinavian countries have been lucky enough to drink. Among the litany of recent breakout artists is Norway duo Anna Of The North, made up of the titular Anna Lotterud and her producer Brady. A few months back the pair revealed 'Baby', a crystallized, pristine slow pop jam with dabs of minimal production that sticks to your ears like syrup, but somehow they've only managed to top it with the brand new 'Us.'

"It's about a relationship between two people with a really strong connection," explains Lotterud to i-D. "When it's so good it's bad for you. All of us have had that special person you'll never forget, where the timing wasn't quite right."

Listen to 'Us' below and look out for more new music from the duo in the near future.