Friendships keep us alive. Annabel Allum can attest, with her latest single named after her own longtime best friend. The track is rough around the edges, including some washed out effects lingering in every corner, but Emily is always there to offer moral support. Listen to 'em(ily)' below.

Allum’s style of rock and roll doesn’t want to be perfect, and on her latest single, she seems to run in the opposite direction, embracing an experimental style and structure. The rhythm from the drums guides the song, even when it is absent in the pre-chorus bridges; guitars ring out as well, though no element overtakes her processed vocals.

“Oh Emily, have I done wrong?” Allum sings, presumably a line that she has exchanged with her friend countless times in the past; she initially wanted to write a song mocking that fact. “‘em(ily)’ started off as a song of me taking the piss about how many times I go to my best mate asking for help/ life advice/ guidance.” But what she ended up creating is actually a touching homage to someone that clearly means a lot to her, “and I’m actually really proud of it,” she adds. In the final moments, you can hear snippets of encouragement, cut so what you hear most loudly are short breaths that would form words had it been left unedited. But the only decipherable line is probably the one we seek to hear the most from our friends, and one we should say to others more often when they lean on us: “It’s gonna be alright and it’s gonna be okay.” Thanks, Emily.