We now live in a world where 'pop' is no longer a dirty world. The last several years have shown us that pop singers can delve into universal themes such as love, friendship, loss, and much more without sacrificing who they are in the process.

At the forefront of this movement are Rudimental, a London based group that's not only achieved universal acclaim but have also brought many talented musicians to the world's attention. One of those musicians is the talented Anne-Marie. She's both a fireball of energy and emotional core for the Hackney group. She's also an accomplished musician in her own-right and is ready to unleash her talents onto the world, firstly in the form of her latest single, 'Karate'.

Our writer Ken Grand-Pierre is a personal friend of Ms. Anne-Marie and we couldn't think of someone more perfect to show the world who she is.

Anne-Marie, thanks for chatting with me! First thing first, when did you start singing?

I started singing properly when I was six. My parents didn't know I could sing before that (and neither did I!) so that was a nice surprise for us!

I have to say, and I've been meaning to say this for years; out of all the singers I've ever gotten to know you're the one that I see and think 'yep, exactly'. Singing is just exactly what you were meant to do. Was there ever anything else you wanted to do or could even see yourself doing?

That is so nice, you know! Well I'm really into karate. Not so much now as I don't have the time to train that often but I probably would've carried on doing that and ended up starting my own club up.

How did you link up with the guys from Rudimental and do you remember what the first show you did with them was like?

A lad at my management knew them and set me up in a writing session about three years ago, maybe even longer than that and then we stayed in contact from then. My first show was in Wales to a massive crowd and I was so stiff and I just stood still and sang the songs proper shitting it [laughs].

That's crazy. I can't imagine you in a shy demeanour at all. Has playing live for as long as you have inspired the way you approached songwriting? Does writing songs feel different than it did before touring?

It has changed so much. I tend to write quite slow, emotional songs and after being on the road with Rudimental it has made me realise I need some more upbeat material; songs I can really jump around and rock out to! You can still maintain emotional attachment with a more upbeat sound.

I remember we talked once about pop music and you said that what you learned over the years is how pop music can be one of the best ways to communicate feelings and stories with people. Do you still feel that way now that you're part of the music world?

I feel that about any type of music, really. It's my way to let some steam off. I realise now that the word pop means popular music, as before I associated it with cheesy music. Now I'm not 'ashamed' to call my music pop. I love pop music: I am a pop singer.

'Karate', the tune, the aesthetic, and everything about it is very specific. How did that tune come about and what made you decide that 'ok this is the song I want to put out to the world first'?

Well first off it's because I have a passion for karate and I thought I'd join my two passions together. Who's sung about karate before, huh? We thought about having it out first as it was so different to anything right now. Not just a regular love song - something different and fresh.

As someone who knows you I have to say, it's very difficult to imagine you feeling pressured, but releasing a single is massive and preparing for an album is even more massive. Do you feel any pressure at all towards making your album and how has it been going creating it?

You know what, I don't normally think about things too much. I go with the flow and let things happen. I love taking chances and being spontaneous but I have to admit when I actually announced 'Karate' my body froze a little. Maybe it was just a little realisation. Now the album preperation is exciting still but I know I'll be nervous when the album gets closer.

I know it's early now but do you feel that so far there's a theme that's going on throughout the album?

I'm going to try and connect all the songs together to make a story/theme but if it doesn't end up working like that then I'm really happy to put my favourite and best songs on there. I'm fine with that as I write all my songs so I will have a connection and really just be happy with them all. I can't wait!

What location has been the best/easiest place for you to write music?

I have a few people who I feel happiest working with. They bring out different parts of me. I like writing on my own in my room but only when I have enough time. Fun environments, no stress!

Lastly, you've now achieved being a musician full-time; something Piers (of Rudimental) once said is the 'only goal' at the end of the day. Now that you've achieved that, what do you have your eyes set on next?

I want to travel around the world doing my own music. I have loved being on the road with the Rudimental boys and I will always be with them or be there whenever they need me. I'm ready to do my own thing now, though. I want to spread my music as far and wide as possible and to perform everywhere!

You can visit Anne-Marie by heading here. Her debut EP, Karate, is out on July 10th through Major Toms.