ANOHNI has had an immaculate 2016, having put out one of the year's most powerful projects with Hopelessness. But even she has some regrets - namely allowing Apple Music to finance her video for 'Drone Bomb Me' In a recent interview with The Creative Independent, she went as far as calling the streaming service "the McDonald's of consumer high tech whose wealth was largely pilfered from what was once a biodiverse music industry."

The powerful 'Drone Bomb Me' video, which featured Naomi Campbell, was made as a comment on the nature of warfare in the 21st century. But she now feels unauthentic about it. "Now we are being herded into all these shady situations. So, now, say the focus of your music is social justice—social justice becomes a big part of your 'brand," she mentioned.

I'm as guilty as the next person in having signed up for this. The record companies can't afford to advance the whole cost for making the record anymore, let alone pay for an ambitious video. So after a lot of hemming and hawing I agreed to work with Apple on the video. I wanted the video to have a wider reach, and only Apple could offer me the resources to do so," she continued.

No one got paid to do that video except the hairdresser. The whole thing was done basically for free, just to make a product that we were then obliged to rent exclusively to Apple for a fraction of what they would had to have paid for it if they had framed it as an advertisement, which is of course what it was, though I didn’t want to admit it at the time."

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