The New York City artist Newspoke is shrouded in mystery. The mastermind is anonymous and has hidden his visage behind a variety of masks to this point. But his decision to remain anonymous is effective as it keeps the listeners' mind concentrated solely on the emotional pull of the art. On 'Normal,' his latest single, Newspoke offers a heart-wrenching ode to greener pastures complete with a nostalgia-drenched video that tugs on the heartstrings.

This collaboration with animator Dominque Bloink, who has previously worked with groups like Tame Impala, Bright Eyes and Grimes, is an effective compliment to Newspoke's stirring composition of piano, strings and emotive vocals. Both through its music and its visuals, 'Normal' taps into that universal hope that things will get better.

"It's the 'grass is always greener' cliche in a 3 minute song," says Newspoke. "We all have grand ambitions. Then BAM, disaster strikes. Now what? At one point we wanted the world in our pocket, now we just want normalcy."

Be sure to check Newspoke's website in the coming weeks to order your copy of the band's upcoming LP, Faces, which is due out in February.