Beatport are the latest to announce a some sort of streaming service, arriving after the Apple-Beats monster hinted at a possible iTunes-based streaming service, and also after YouTube announced the you-have-to-pay-for-it Music Key.

That's not to mention Rdio, Spotify, Grooveshark,, and a whole load of others that I literally cannot be bothered to type out. So they're not exactly picking the right time – they're not trend-setters, and I'm not sure if you could even class them as early adopters – but if nobody ever did anything that was challenging, well, I don't know (because some things are easy). But basically it's a saturated market, how many different streaming services can you have?

Well, the only difference and real saving grace that Beatport have is their clear focus on dance music. That is a whole market right there. Allegedly 90% of the artists already on Beatport come from independent labels, so that means Warner, Universal, Sony (with whom they are in negotiations) aren't seen as such a big deal. Spotify and the others are not so niche. Beatport began as a dance music download service, which was bought in 2013 by SFX Entertainment, a media conglomerate with an apparent focus on EDM (or so Wikipedia says). So now Beatport, steered no doubt by their new overlords, is going to be muscling in on the streaming territory.

Another thing is that it's going to be a free streaming service. This means ad-supported streaming service; in itself not a terrible thing, but the quantity of adverts – how many they'll have to take on in order to pay royalties for artists – is another question. However, one good thing is that, given their specialist dance-focus, the adverts are going to at least be more targeted. For instance, on Spotify you could be listening to classical music and all of a sudden get an advert for some noisy shit that you don't really want to hear – when it comes to targeted ads, Spotify is rubbish. Beatport have an advantage here. Niche niche niche. All about the niche.

When the streaming service will actually launch is another unanswered question.

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