We all get annoyed from time to time when that one person in front of you at a gig proceeds to block your view by extending their arm in the the air, desperately flailing all over the place - camera phone in hand - longing to capture a dodgy clip of the band on stage.

That is, until, that dodgy clip is actually a sort-of-alright clip of a new track from The xx.

Luckily, Pitchfork have filtered through the plethora of captured footage from the band's festival warm-up show at Chats Palace on Tuesday night, highlighting this one notable video below that gives us an insight into a new track - presumably from their upcoming new record.

It remains untitled for now, but is certainly promising. It's the same old xx you know and love, but with a teeny tiny bit more melody and the obvious lack of Baria Qureshi's vocal. Listen to the first track that surfaced from the show, here.