Mondays are particularly terrible, and this one is even more so if you're living in New England suffering through the #blizzardof2015 aka Winter Storm Juno, but thankfully the start of a new week means there's a new Jens Lekman tune, so it's not all bad. It's the fourth offering in his song-a-week series, titled 'Postcard #4'. It's a gorgeous tune centered around a swirling melody and different parts of the human body and senses, and you can stream it below. I feel like if I taught a human biology course I'd just play this song on repeat.

This week also comes with the unveiling of a new section of his website titled 'Smalltalk'. On it, he's got a post of each 'Postcard' track released thus far and has included a small note detailing things like the story behind the song, what sample he used (it was from Abdullah Ibrahim - Mamma on 'Postcard #2'), etc. It's pretty interesting, and you can check that out here.

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