We were first introduced to alt-pop trio Anteros back in January when we premiered their self-titled tune 'Anteros', and while it's taken them a bit to release any new material, the resulting tune is more than worth the wait. It's titled 'Fade to Grey', and it's a dreamy and downright lovely track that sounds like it was plucked right from a mystical field of faeries and unicorns with its lighthearted and gorgeous approach and Laura Hayden's sweet vocals.

The song is the second cut from their forthcoming self-titled debut EP, which is set to release on the legendary Regal Records - the label's first release in over two years. Hayden said that the EP is about "us coming to terms with moving to London. Although it’s big and busy, it can be a confusing and lonely city. The whole EP is about us coming to grasp with growing-up and balancing love with fears, dreams and ambitions. Our name Anteros was birthed from the statue with the same name that sits in the middle of the beating heart of London city". Stream 'Fade to Grey' below!

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