With the recent influx of refugees into Germany (pictured above), instances of anti-refugee sentiment ranging from online groups leading all the way up to outright attacks have prompted a campaign to get a very relevant song to the top of the charts, ABC Australia reported.

This is 'Schrei Nach Liebe' ('Cry For Love') by German punk band Die Ärtze. Released in 1993, it's been chosen as the theme song for a campaign aimed at welcoming refugees rather than viewing them with suspicion and hatred. And rightly so – the lyrics of the song are aimed at a fictional right-wing extremist, one line of which reads:

"You are really stupid […] Everything has to be explained to you, because you really don't know anything…"

And another:

"Your violence is just a silent scream for love […] You never learned to express yourself. Your parents never had time for you."

This feels like something that needs to happen in the UK, too. There is huge anti-foreigner sentiment over here. The population has been whipped into something of a frenzy thanks to years of right-wing press and politics. When will people realise that the right-wing represents and plays on the fears of the individuals and individual groups of people, and has nothing to do with preserving or helping humanity? Is it really so easy to let go of your compassion and empathy? Do people truly know the implications and consequences of their selfish beliefs? Questions to consider.

The rise of 'Schrei Nach Liebe' to the number one spot has naturally caused a media sensation in Germany, with, for instance, a group of pensioners called Die Goldies performing a cover of the song. You can watch that below.