Yehan Jehan has been creating music under the moniker of Antimatter People since 2005, and since then the project has been in a state of evolution to the current full set-up inclusive of a rich, diverse sound.

Five years later and Jehan was ready to share the music with others, drafted in friends Elliott Arndt and Mikko Hirvikallio - who also all got a flat together; and indeed where they recorded. They are now however a fivepiece with the inclusion of Spencer Lezaja and drummer Callum Brown and create 'baroque pop' with harmonic, luxuriant vocals sometimes of the falsetto variety akin to the vox of Yeasayer, all under a suave synth-pop eclectic jam.

Have a listen to 'Only Ark' premiering on The 405 that is also their first music released as the full Antimatter People, download below and let us know your thoughts.