Apauled is the brain child of Paul Telner, a Canadian comedian who has shot to Youtube fame with his wacky and risque antics. Paul - a self confessed orange soda addict; who has won many awards for this pranks carried out on unsuspecting students at his university campus as well as ill tempered members of the general public, is infamously known for smashing an official Youtube trophy in another one of his hilarious stunts. Think Jackass but smarter; Albert Einstein hurling water balloons in a shopping cart drive by, if you will. As a huge fan already, I jumped all over the chance to cover Apauled here on The 405 for my fortnightly column YMFOM!, so it was an honor to be lucky enough to talk with Paul for this EXCLUSIVE Interview. I'm not worthy Paul! Anyway check it out!!! How did the idea of creating ApauledTV first start? ApauledTV grew out of Campus Cram, which was a comedy special we did first for Zilo Television, a college network in the States. The special did really well, so we thought, let’s do Apauled and focus all the pranks around myself doing jobs and screwing them up. Some were real jobs, some were self-appointed and some are just things we say are jobs so we have an excuse to piss people off. Apauled is pretty much based on my experiences working jobs as a teenager.I maybe had two jobs, both of which I was fired from. The first was at agrocery store, where my entire job was to find grocery carts and put themback into their dispenser. This actually inspired a segment in Apauled where I piss people off by taking their grocery carts when they are still full of groceries and putting them back into the dispenser. I actually did stuff like that just for fun, when no cameras were rolling. The second job was working at a movie theatre in Canada. I was the announcement guy. My job was to announce the name of the movie in front of audiences, and tell people to turn off their cell phones and not talk during the film. I kept getting in trouble because I changed the script they gave me every time I went in front of audiences. After a few weeks, I was so sick of listening to my managers yell at me, I decided to take things to the next level. I was working the night that American Pie was premiering, and decided to pull down my pants in front of a packed house, and put a delicious banana cream pie on my crotch, just to let audiences know what they were about to watch! Management fired me on the spot. They were the dumbest people I have ever worked for! I’m so glad I did that! The pie was delicious! Of all the sketches you've ever done, what has been your favorite so far and why? Every segment we have done feels kinda like a baby and you love them each equally but I would have to say ones that hold special meaning for me are probably Gardening, The Friendly Goth and The Mascot. Gardening was a blast to film and I’ve never felt so close to getting my ass kicked. At the time I was scared shitless and running for my life, but there's nothing like after the prank is done, and you watch the footage with your crew and laugh for hours. I've never laughed that hard in years after watching that footage! The Friendly Goth was a total blast to make. Its something I never thought I could do, but my director Jay pushed me to do it and it was an incredible experience to play a character that’s nothing like me. Its great immersing myself in a character and seeing how far they can go and where I can take them. It was a weird experience. When filming it, I actually felt like I was watching it on TV as we were making it. It was awesome. The Mascot was probably the craziest shoot of my life. I still remember running across the court during a big basketball game in Canada. I just went for it and it felt like jumping out of a plane. Loved it. I remember getting home that night after all the chaos, and the trouble we got into, and just thought, that was a great night! We have to do that more. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1wEG5cNKWXI] Has there ever been an idea or sketch that you've backed out of doing? If so, why? There hasn’t really ever been a sketch that I’ve backed out of. There have been ideas that we have thought of, that we couldn’t do because of logistic reasons, but we have a rule. If something’s really funny, we have to do it. I still remember when I dumped a bag of birdseed on someone in a park. I remember thinking, am I actually doing this? Might as well, it will look awesome on camera! Most of our ideas really come from my director Jay and I sitting around and just laughing about something we find weird or dumb and then we say, we have to do that! Jay is great for getting me to push myself to places I never have comedically. Has your success on Youtube changed your life in anyway? Would you say you've become somewhat of a "celebrity" in your home town? YouTube has been awesome. It has totally changed my daily routine in many ways. I actually eat in front of the computer now, which is weird. I have way more friends then I ever thought I would! Its funny, when I’m out at the mall now or restaurants, people sometimes come up to me and say stuff like, hey your the guy from YouTube. Its cool that people are starting to recognize me. After they tell me I’m the guy from YouTube, the conversation either continues or gets really weird and ends there. I love when things get weird! It’s always kinda fun when people say hey. I’m the type of guy who walks down the street and says hi to everyone in sight. I love talking to strangers, so when someone actually knows who I and what I do, its the best and always fun. I have an amazing base of fans who are so loyal. I talk to them everyday and so many of them I can really say are friends now. A day doesn’t go by that I don’t hear how their day has gone, or what’s new in their life. It’s really inspiring to know that they're watching my videos and laughing. It’s awesome. I get a lot of messages from people who tell me they were having a shitty or boring day and then watched my vids, and it made there day way better. Messages like that make everything so worth it. I love my viewers and fans, and I try and respond to every single comment and message they send me. Its tough at times, especially during production, but I have to get back to everybody. If there going to take the time to watch and message me, I owe it to them to at least say hey. It’s also amazing what people have started sending. I’m OBSESSED with orange crush, hotels and restaurants and talk about this stuff all the time in my vlogs. Fans have sent me orange crush pillows that they made for me, or orange crush scarves or even taken pictures of themselves next to orange crush signs in their hometown and sent them to me. It’s amazing and overwhelming to see the warmth and support from people. As long as they keep watching and enjoying, I’ll keep turning out videos. He really wasn't kidding either! Finally, where do you see yourself 4 years from now, in terms of your work on Youtube? In 4 years, hmmm. I see myself with facial hair for some reason. But i think the way were going and what were working towards is to really establish myself is one of the biggest comedians on YouTube and someone who is known for doing reality comedy and doing it well. Television is a big goal as well and something I’m working towards. I'd love to have my own television show but will always be doing stuff online and on YouTube. YouTube has been great and I think 4 years from now our videos will be better, pranks more elaborate and fan base/viewers wider and bigger. I really want to become the source for one of the best in reality comedy both online but also in film and television. Over the next little while, we will be establishing Paultelner.com which is going to be a blast and a whole new way for me to get in touch with my fans and really talk to them in cooler ways then just messages and comments I really want to build the Paul Telner world and really bring people into what me and my friends are all about. From the way we speak, to what we laugh at, we want to build an awesome army of people who get what we do and become part of our world, it’s an insane one and were excited. Special thanks goes to Paul Telner and Byron Pascoe for making this interview possible! Be sure to check out many more of Paul's hilarious videos by visiting Apauled TV by clicking here and here