Goodness me, well I wouldn't call this morning listening, that's for sure. What I would call this is more leaning towards late night odysseys on a modular synthesiser – in fact, they are odysseys on a modular synthesiser (but there's just no telling if these are late night or not). Wholly experimental, this is a whole load of sonic deconstruction and whatnot from the Aphex Twin.

Last week, we were graced with some tracks allegedly from Aphex Twin's 6-year-old son. He seemed totally stumped as to where his initiative (to make music) came from. But listening to this collection of sounds (all made about 12 years ago, apparently) – laughing liquid birds, planet-sized squelches, elastic popping, epic and glittery "character select" type noises, spooky sinewaves – well, it's kinda clear where his son's penchant for electronic music may come from.

You can download all of this for free. And what then? I dunno, sample it, chop it up, stick it in your own music and make a delicacy out of this bustling, messy kitchen of delicious but out-of-place ingredients. There's also more on his SoundCloud.

Also: If you haven't listened to Syro (Aphex Twin's new album) yet, what are you waiting for?