Remember back in 1994 when Aphex Twin said he'd release a full album and then didn't? Well, seems like we're finally getting that Caustic Window album after 20 years of waiting.

After seeing the never released album on sale on Discogs, Richard D. James' label Rephlex Records and We Are The Music Makers created an idea on Kickstarter.

The initiative makes it possible for you and I to pledge money, own a part of the recordings and on top of that get a digital download of Caustic Window for only $16. The initial goal was $9,300 but when the Kickstarter ended today, a resounding $67,424 had been pledged.

The actual physical LP will now be put up for auction on eBay and the sale will be split between Rephlex Records, the 4,116 people who pledged and a charity decided by WATMM.