In recent weeks there have been posters popping up around the world emblazoned with Aphex Twin's logo, suggesting that the taciturn producer would be releasing something soon. With scant information having leaked since then, he has today fully announced the new release: it's called Collapse EP and will be released through Warp on September 14th.

Along with this news comes a track and video from the EP called 'T69 Collapse'. It is another pearl of effervescently unpredictable textures, batshit beats and disorienting left-turns. 'T69 Collapse' also comes with a video from long time visual collaborator Weirdcore, which swings through glitching graphic-scapes and adds even more layers of beautiful whatthefuckery to the song. Check that out below.

Pre-order Aphex Twin's Collapse EP here on Warp.