There is nothing more dangerous that a tech enthusiast. How come, you may ask. Simply because the tech enthusiasts I am talking about are not tech wizards, ninja developers, or coding masters - they are geeks with a compulsive obsession for apps, gadgets, trends, socials. Hello, my name is Fab, and I am a tech enthusiast. My mission is to convert you to an iPhone filled with weird and wonderful apps.

Let's kickstart our journey with a food app. If you're a Londoner, you tend to develop this pro-skill of food seeking - exploring every coffee shop, every market, every stall. What if there was an app that could tell you exactly which street food stalls are around your workplace? Not only telling you the location, but also if they are trading during your lunch break.

Welcome to British St. Food, the first app from the well-known website British Street Food. This app, recently launched in the Apple Store, and can be used by both guests and users. Guests can access the live GPS maps, pictures and details of the best traders. Not a Londoner? Don't worry, British St. Food will tell you who serves the best vietnamese street food stop in Norwich.

If you like to have an active role in the app, you can always login to rate, photograph and review food stalls. Other extra features involve 'suggest a trader', a list of favourite stalls, the subscription to a eNewsletter, and the possibility to vote for the British Street Food Awards.There is also a 'Trader Area', through which traders can manage their own page, comprising of mouth-watering pictures, links (facebook/twitter/website), and pop-up notifications for discounts and offers (picture below)

The app is relatively young, but it's constantly being updated in order to enhance user experience. However, if you are a guest, you might find it not as comprehensive as logged in users. Whether you are ready for the full-on Street Food experience, a food trader, or simply willing to go for an exploration for lunchtime - British St. Food is your new food companion.

You can download the app by heading here (or here for Android).