There are essentially three kind of Londoners. The ones who know exactly where they are going; they know the postcode of their workplace, gym and other half's second cousin by heart. The lucky ones, who likes gambling with fate, pick the first night bus at the stop at 3am and magically find their way home. And then there are the me-types, the OCD ones, who check maps, plan in advance, always know which one is the stop before the one they have to get off.

Well, the City Mapper app was essentially created for us. The mission is to reinvent the urban transport/transit app in the world's most complicated cities: London and New York. The app offers by far the most comprehensive A to B journey planner (walk, tube, subway/tube, bus, cycle, cab, rail) with live/real-time info on all modes of transport.

I've used this for tube, bus and bike journeys, and only once has it betrayed me - completely reinventing the location of London Fields. Apart from that (hey, nobody's perfect), it's been a life saver on numerous occasions.

The app is packed with virtually everything you need to reach home from Croydon at 1am (true story): a tube map, bus stops, real time buses, safe cycle rides, and a million other things you might need - or not even realise that you need - to manage your life in the city.

Another little trick enables you to personalise your location (get me home, favourites, my places), and the latest introduction with 3.5: the highly desired last tube. Face it, this app is going to be your best friend after a rough night.

You can download City Planner on iOS and Android.