Calendar freaks, notebook OCDs, I am talking to you. Time to ditch your Moleskine for a calendar app. Today, I am introducing you to your new PA: Sunrise.

The app has been in the store for a while, but it now features a completely redesigned interface for iOS7 and support for iCloud calendars. Starting as a free calendar app made for Google Calendar users, Sunrise's aim is to make your life easier. That's already a good premise, ain't it?

With Sunrise 2.0, you can now connect Apple calendars directly as well as to Google Cals, Facebook, LinkedIn and Foursquare. You can see faces and profiles of people you are meeting with using LinkedIn and, by adding your Facebook account, you can RSVP to the mountain of events you are invited to with a simple click. More importantly, you'll be reminded of your friends' birthdays - even if I discourage you against posting on their wall via Sunrise. It's tempting, but in this respect it looks a bit like one of those dodgy 'Happy Birthday' apps.

Another couple of tweaks which I appreciate are the location-based weather forecast, and the choice to use either Google Maps or Apple Maps for directions when adding the exact location. Design freaks like myself will love the smart icons and the neat iOS7 friendly agenda/calendar view. I am yet to try the LinkedIn integration effectively, but I can happily state that I think I've found my new digital Moleskine. It's a shame I can't doodle on it though.

The app is available by heading here

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