Hits Daily Double has reported that Apple Music already has 10 million users. Whilst this is a feasible figure, it is never easy to completely avoid the vague and ambiguous nature of "insider sources" – who are, to be fair, most likely speaking only if they can remain anonymous. Along with Tim Cook's own vague announcement that the service already had "millions and millions" of users, this is unfortunately all we have to go on.

It's not entirely unthinkable: with 800 million iTunes users, or more specifically 100 million users of iTunes for downloading music, a figure of 10 million doesn't seem too far off.

But these will most likely not even be true figures for the amount of users that Apple Music boasts. Remember the free trial; as soon as that ends, people might not be as enthused by a service that takes money from their bank accounts every month. It's possible that a lot might not even realise that the free trial ends (since you have to go into settings to cancel Apple Music and stop the service rolling on with you as a subscriber after the free trial), but it's just as possible that a lot certainly will remember it and cancel before they have to pay.

In comparison, Spotify had 20 million paying subscribers worldwide as of June 2015 – a figure doubled since May 2014 (via Statista) – and Rhapsody (Napster) is surprisingly still growing, with 3 million users, up from 2 million last year (via Music Ally).