According to reports, Apple have demanded that HMV take down their new download app from the Apple App Store with immediate effect.

The tech giants reportedly made the demand after witnessing HMV's rival music download app pass 5000 downloads in just a few days since it's launch on Thursday 17th October.

HMV CEO Paul MGowan said he was surprised that Apple wished to take things further in this way, stating "We didn't expect to cause such a rustle, given that we've followed all of Apple's rules. We want to provide consumers a great service."

There are currently no plans to discontinue the download app which enables customers to download music, films and other content from the HMV store and it's Android compatible version is said to have reached almost 10,000 downloads.

Will Apple give them an outright ban or will they play nicely? Stay tuned, we'l report it as it comes in. [via Music Week]

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