It seems Apple might just be going ahead with the 'dick move' that flooded the Internet rumour mill last month regarding a change to the headphone jack on their devices.

The new 'lightning port' will start accepting headphones in the next firmware update, so we could be seeing a new era of headphones with this functionality built in, namely, a brand such as Beats. Now, just like in the film Inception, everything is starting to make sense.

The new port will allow the transfer from analog to digital audio with an exceedingly high lossless stereo output, as well as allowing additional functionality due to the power it draws. In a nutshell, this means that headphones could have the ability to open certain apps just by pressing a button on the side. Does it really take that much to get your phone out of your pocket and just do it manually?

It seems the Cupertino company are looking to not only control your communication life, but your audio one too. For more on the story, 9to5mac have the scoop.