Apple executive Eddy Cue, the same Mr. Cue who announced over Twitter that Apple would be paying royalties during Apple Music's free-trial period, has been answering some questions tweeted at him by fretting members of the public interested in the new streaming service. That sounds like a fun job.

Averagely interestingly the limit on songs able to be stored on iCloud will increase from launch-limit 25,000 to 100,000 after iOS 9 is in play; for maths fans, that's four times as many. (For cynics: yes, you could own more physical songs than this if you wanted to. The irony of "limitless" cloud storage, eh?)

Slightly less interestingly, the few thousand people subscribed to defunct Beats Music will be able to migrate their song library over to Apple Music.

Apple Music launches tomorrow, 30th June. Aren't you excited?