It's been reported by The New York Times that Apple Music will pay out $0.002 (0.2 cents) per stream in royalties to rights holders during its three-month trial period, beginning 30th June.

This news arrives after confirmation yesterday that both Beggars Group and Merlin, two large organisations both representing the rights of a number of independent labels, had signed deals with Apple's new streaming service. That itself was a result of Taylor Swift's open letter condemning the company's prior decision to not pay royalties during its trial period.

However, Spotify's per-stream royalty payout is $0.007 (0.7 cents; it's actually an average between $0.006 and $0.0084) – and Spotify is not actually making any money. It makes Apple's offering seem like a token gesture – especially coming from a company who broke records last year by posting the biggest quarterly profit in history: $18 billion.

They can afford more. Sure, it's probably going to go up after the free trial ends, but by how much?

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