Apple are in the process of creating a new music streaming service with the functions and technology of Beats Music.

The new service will combine iTunes and Beats Music, however, this is not a simple rebranding. The plan is for iTunes and Beats Music accounts to be combined into one. On top of this, the old interface for Beats Music is gone, with Apple designing the new one. A search feature will be able to locate any song in the iTunes and Beats' catalogues, along with the user's own library.

Aiming directly at Spotify & Rdio

With many big names in the Music-Streaming Market, such as Spotify and Rdio, Apple need an edge. According to 9to5Mac the price may be the key, with a rumoured monthly cost of $7.99 compared to the $9.99 Spotify offer. Offering a cheaper alternative to Spotify and Rdio could cause a massive shift in the music streaming world.

The app will be available on iOS, Apple TV and Android and will mark the first time that an Android app was designed completely in-house by Apple. Tim Cook, Apple's CEO said in 2013 that Apple has "no religious issue" with developing for Android, adding that "If we thought it made sense to do that, we would do that." It certainly makes sense in this case, as Beats Music is currently available for Android. There is also a Windows Phone version of the Beats service, however Apple does not have plans to develop for it due to the smaller market share of users.

Development has not been without its issues, with problems stemming from Apple putting former Beats employees in important engineer positions, ahead of its long time Apple engineers (according to 9to5Mac). Along with unclear leadership, the launch timeline is in jeopardy, with rumours suggesting the plan to launch in March has been pushed back to June. However, there has been no word from Apple on whether or not this is the case.

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