Apple kicked off the first day of their WorldWide Developers conference in San Francisco today with a keynote speech from CEO Tim Cook. First off the bat was the announcement that Apple's next generation of MacBook's are available right now - don't believe us? Head over to the Apple store and drool. They're thinner, faster, and they now have a retina display. Good news for gamers, as the entire range will support up to 16GB of RAM, as well as up to an impressive 768GB of internal flash storage, which with a GeForce GT 650M graphics card on board is going to make Diablo III look pretty sweet. However, as Kotaku have already pointed out, they're still extremely pricey considering it's practically impossible to upgrade the MacBook's graphics card once it inevitably becomes obsolete. If we weren't already drowning in debt, we might consider getting one.


Mountain Lion might not be finished yet, but we've been told to expect more synergy with the existing iOS 5 for portable devices, as well as the imminent iOS 6. Expect Game Centre and drop down notifications to be present as well as auto sync capabilities via iCloud, making it easier than ever to share files across all of your Apple devices.

iOS 6 doesn't seem to be rocking anyone's world, but it does include the implementation of Siri for the iPad, Facebook integration, and the option to text back any missed calls as opposed to phoning, which while useful, is hardly a game changer. Perhaps the biggest change is the removal of Google Maps to make way for Apple's own service, which is said to include live traffic updates, as well as turn by turn navigation.

Finally, iPhone 5 news - or lack thereof. By now, anyone who decided to skip the 4S in anticipation of the upcoming model might be getting a little edgy. There's still practically nothing (reliably) written about the iPhone 5, so we're all just going to have to speculate for that little bit longer.