You remember Ping, don't you? How we all used to use it, back in the day. You'd be leaving a party, and a cute girl would say "Ping me", and you would. Whenever you found a new band, you'd rush to the Internet, and check out their Ping profile, because that's what all the cool kids did. That happened, didn't it?

No. It didn't.

Ping was a complete and utter failure, and the only reason we remember it is because it's been ever present on our iTunes sidebar since 2010. It's the button nobody pushes. Go ahead - open iTunes now. There it is.

In theory, it should have been amazing - a social networking hub completely focused around music that was integrated with your iTunes library. What's not to like? People went nuts over MySpace, and that was a car crash of a social networking site, until everyone ruined it by uploading profile art that shot stars and unicorns at your face.

But, alas, Ping was one of Apple's rare 21st century failures. Nobody really used it. So now, two years down the line, Apple is finally pulling the plug. It's taking Ping around the back of the company shed, with a shotgun in hand and a tear in its eye, to put it out of its misery. The next time you download an iTunes update Ping will be no more. I'd mourn its passing, but I didn't really know it all that well.

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