When we first got word of elusive artist Appleby's Down Dance EP with the release of 'Castles', he simply stated it was "our brand of music." At the time, I suppose I didn't really understand what that meant but now that the Down Dance EP is here, that simple statement makes a lot of sense.

Produced entirely by Elias Abid, and mixed/mastered by Bryan "Kawaakari" Schwaller, Appleby has kept his circle tight, branching only out to close friends Iris Temple (who are the only feature on the EP) for a brief appearance.

Experimentation and collaboration act as the foundations to this impressive labour of love, and it's a lethal combination that should be paid close attention to; their "brand of music" is growing every day. "Down Dance features some of the most important people in my life," Appleby explained to me via Twitter. "It's a balanced project meant to lay the foundation for what's to come. That said, hope you're ready to dance UK, because we're coming for you this summer!"

Listen to the Down Dance EP - which includes the previously released 'Random Love' (feat. Iris Temple) and 'Castles' (currently sitting in the top 10 US and Global Viral Chart on Spotify with over 150,000 plays) via SoundCloud.