El Salvadorian producer AR Ferdinand has some smooth hands. He's created a beat that not only glides over the surface with casual piano and delicate percussion, but its jazz flare and groove-filled base has left a trail in its wake. One that will leave you not fully content until you get another listen..

The addition of Daphne's sugar sweet R&B vocals was the final addition to turning 'Lately' into a full-on contagious delight and the first single from AR's upcoming debut LP, Wild Fiction, which is due in March.

"It started with a hip-hop vibe and I knew I wanted to contrast that with something that you wouldn't expect," he says. "I contacted Daphne and we went from there, she connected with it quickly. At the end it made me feel as we created something unique and it went into the final cut of my debut record. Which is coming out pretty soon!" Hear 'Lately' below.