On 26th February Norwegian noisemakers Årabrot will be releasing their latest album, The Gospel. It's the band's seventh studio album, following 2013's self-titled offering, and a few EPs since then. It might not have happened at all, however: man-behind-the-music Kjetil Nernes discovered he had cancer after a trip to the doctor - The Gospel was the result of music and lyrics written during treatment, surgery and recovery.

"The theme of The Gospel is a vision of the lonely warrior on a summit looking out over a battle field, the smoke from the bomb craters, an all-encompassing silence," says Nernes in a press release. "The war was against one self; against the ugliness, against the sickness. You sink to the bottom of the sea. All of a sudden you are back on the surface again, stupefied. And hungry! A wicked hunger for everything human life has to offer: Sex! War! Drugs! You breathe, but not like before. "The man who has been in hell, never forget""

The forthcoming album is a collaborative effort; amongst others it features Ted Parsons (of Killing Joke, Swans) on drums and Sunn O)))'s Stephen O’Malley on guitar.

"Årabrot is an animal on a perpetual alterative hunt. Always sniffing around for new blood," he added, speaking of those collaborations. "Everything came together quite nicely this time. Musical contributors from an international top-team! The collective effect of the different contributors makes the final result vital. It grinds, it sparks. Like a five- or six-headed monster."

Listen to the album's title track below.