Experimental pop trio Arc Iris just released their new album Icon of Ego a month ago, and it's one we've still got on rotation, as its complexities in combination with its melodies are keeping us compelled. Among its highlights is '$GNMS', the album-opening barn-burner that we first started raving about back in August - and now we have the pleasure of bringing you its official video.

Given Arc Iris singer Jocie Adams' film choices for our 5 Easy Pieces feature with her, it's unsurprising that the video for '$GNMS' is a science fiction tale. Helmed by director Julia Liu, the video takes us on a virtual ride through a simultaneously shining and bleak premonition of the future. Liu explains her vision and method for the '$GNMS' video:

An alien being unfamiliar with human greed uses virtual reality to discover the beauty of Earth....This piece is a blend of technology and nature, futuristic imagery contrasting with nostalgic old school electronics, alluding to the idea that this strange mashup is all part of a simulation. The real Earth has been destroyed long ago.

"I bought every Oculus Rift I could find on Craigslist, and then started making VR headsets out of swimming goggles, moss, ice and bones. Though we were going for a very sci-fi digitally enhanced look, I’m proud of the fact that 99% of the visual FX were created in camera with the use of mirrors, off screen monitors, DIY filters, and lighting design. This piece is my ode to VR, exploration through mental transportation."

Watch the video for Arc Iris' '$GNMS' below.

Arc Iris' new album Icon of Ego is out now via Ba Da Bing Records. They've got some live dates in North America ahead:

12/28/18 - Portland, ME - One Longfellow Square
12/29/18 - Portsmouth, NH - Press Room
1/10/19 - Philadelphia, PA - Milkboy
1/11/19 - York, PA - Kable House
1/12/19 - Washington, DC - Songbyrd
1/19/19 - Johnson City, TN - The Willow Tree
1/20/19 - Asheville, NC - The Grey Eagle