Arca will be releasing his new album Mutant on 20th November via Mute; we've already heard a few tracks taken from the album, plus seen their Jesse Kanda-made videos - namely 'Vanity', 'Soichiro' and 'EN'. Last night he popped into Benji B's BBC Radio 1 show, previewing more tracks in the form of 'Snakes', 'Front Load', 'Gratitude' and more, whilst he chatted album the album, too.

"I had no plan or ambition to make another record one year after the previous one, but it just kind of happened spontaneously," said Arca.

He also discussed the title of one of the Mutant tracks he previewed, 'Faggot' - a "hurtful word," but he explained, "I'm proud of being a faggot." He also revealed that the title of 'Snakes' is a reference to Björk.

Arca went on to talk about how much he enjoyed working with Kelela, what it was like working on Vulnicura with Björk, and how thinking about his live, audiovisual performances alongside artist and collaborator Jesse Kanda changes the way he approaches music. Listen to it here.