Created by Jesse Kanda, this is the strobing and somewhat (well, that's an understatement) disturbing video for 'Xen' by Venezuelan producer Arca, a track taken from the recently released album of the same name (you can grab that via Arca's website).

Having developed somewhat of a creative partnership, Kanda's interpretation of the existential bliss featured in Arca's music is perfect, a vision of light and darkness, blacks and greens battling whites and reds, flashing female renderings, like joy in the midst of a nightmare (the ultraviolet javelins of synth rifling into your mind), joy in one room whilst the rest of the building sinks in unimaginable strangeness (infra-bass melts reality), it's a distorted roller-coaster of oddities that matches the noise of Arca's music. Bravo.

Also: Check out another intense Arca video released recently: 'Now You Know'

In addition, Arca will be playing some European dates alongside Kanda, who will be providing the visual side of things. Those dates are:

  • 27 November - ICA, London, UK
  • 28 November - Rotonde, Brussels, Belgium
  • 1 December - Point Ephemere, Paris, France
  • 4 December - OT301, Amsterdam, Holland
  • 5 December - Berghain, Berlin, Germany