When you put two mirrors together it's a reflection into eternity; similarly, when Arcade Fire put a new album out, purchasable things related to the album just keep popping up.

Thus it has been with Reflektor; there's the tour documentary The Reflektor Tapes out for a limited theatre run from 23rd September; there's the 7" single of unreleased album cuts 'Get Right' and 'Crucified Again'; and now they've announced that you'll be able to get your covetous hands on a deluxe edition of Reflektor.

What does that entail? Well, it entails the original album plus exactly five bonus tracks, four unreleased – two of which also comprise the aforementioned 7" single – and one unreleased remix. It's out digitally this Friday (25th September).

But wait, there's more! Those bonus songs are also getting their own special cassette-only release on 16th October, under the name The Reflektor Tapes (check the tracklist below).

In the meantime, there is a trailer for the documentary just beneath these words you might like to watch.

  • The Reflektor Tapes:
  • 01 Apocrypha
  • 02 Women of a Certain Age
  • 03 Flashbulb Eyes [Dennis Bovell remix ft. Linton Kwesi Johnson]
  • 04 Soft Power
  • 05 Get Right
  • 06 Crucified Again