Baffling though it may be to think, but people on the internet like to complain about things. Their recent victim? Arcade Fire and their desire that people get all dressed up for their upcoming arena tour, be that in formal attire or fancy dress. Upon announcing this, the internet was in uproar. Commenters, fans, and even writers were quick to make noise about how they were being forced to dress up just to see a band.

Clearly egged on by management to make a statement, the band posted a note on their Facebook page: "To everyone really upset about us asking people to dress up at our shows... please relax. It's super not mandatory. It just makes for a more fun carnival when we are all in it together. So far these have been the best shows we have ever played. See you soon. Love, Arcade Fire."

The need for this strikes me as unnecessary. Why are people so upset about having to dress up? To get personal here, my favourite gigs have been ones that bucked the trend and were a bit different from the norm; there's only so much watching a band go through the motions on stage. A gig can be great without being fun, but adding that element of fun makes a gig even better. The carnival atmosphere of these Arcade Fire shows is something that could push a great gig into something even more memorable. Are we too aware of what people think about us? That people on the tube might go "Look at that numpty with face paint all over their face and glitter everywhere! What larks!"

I just can't quite understand the need for this statement in the slightest. They're not asking for elaborate costumes or huge papier-mache heads. Just asking people to forego the usual gig attire to spice things up a bit shouldn't be such a big deal, but then that's just me.

Update: The band have also confirmed a new London show for next year. The band will play Earls Court on June 6th, with tickets going on sale Thursday 28th November.

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