You probably know him best from his work in Arcade Fire, but Richard Reed Parry is also a very talented neo-classical composer, inspired by heavyweights such as Steve Reich and Brian Eno. So now that you're caught up, you'll be happy know that he's putting out his first solo album out on June 9th via legendary classical label Deutsche Grammophon.

Heart and Breath is described by the press release as being "fragile and intimate", its pieces the result of a "conceptual compositional approach that reflects Parry's deep love of music, and his philosophy that music and nature (in this case the body) can by explicitly linked."

"Music for Heart and Breath is a series of compositions that use involuntarily moving organs of the human body (specifically the lungs and the heart) as performance parameters," Parry says of the album. "There are no time signatures: the tempos and rhythms are always governed by either the heart rates or the breathing rates of the individual players. In the case of the latter, the performers are instructed to play directly in sync with their own or another player’s individual breathing (playing at the speed of their inhalations, their exhalations or both). To enable the players to hear and play in sync with their own heartbeats, they wear stethoscopes and, naturally, generally play quietly."

Arcade Fire will be heading to Europe at the end of the month to play a series of shows that include Barcelona's Primavera Sound and Rock in Rio Lisbon.