Arcade Fire's Will Butler has announced the release of Friday Night, a live album recorded last summer, during a performance at Chicago's Lincoln Hall. Five songs from His debut album Policy and two recorded as part of a songwriting project for The Guardian are pooled with five new songs on the project set for release on June 17.

"Think of this as a comedy record. In some ways literally-Brooklyn comedian Jo Firestone does the introduction and the "solo" in "Friday Night"- but also, it's an album based on working out ideas in a room full of people, playing off their energy and expectations. It's about taking complicated emotions and wringing communal joy from them, and then translating that joy onto record. So here you go!" Will said.

  • Friday Night:
  • 01 Encore - Tell Me We're All Right
  • 02 Introduction
  • 03 You Must Be Kidding
  • 04 Son of God
  • 05 Sun Comes Up
  • 06 Madonna Can't Save Me Now
  • 07 Something's Coming
  • 08 Anna
  • 09 II
  • 10 Sing to Me
  • 11 Public Defender
  • 12 Take My Side
  • 13 Encore - Friday Night