The annual music issue of The Believer will be out soon, and this year's edition will come with a 7" single. The music comes from the soundtrack of a new film by Marcus Dzama, who has worked with Arcade Fire, Department of Eagles, Beck, and others. The film, Une Danse Des Bouffons (The Jester's Dance), stars Kim Gordon and is soundtracked by Arcade Fire's Will Butler, Jeremy Gara, and Tim Kingsbury. You can watch the trailer below, and read a description of the plot as well.

The release is vinyl only and will never be repressed, so the only way you'll be able to hear it is to get your hands on a copy of the zine which comes out the first week of July.

"In this Dadaist love story Une Danse Des Bouffons/A Jester's Dance, there are many recurring themes: death and rebirth, multiple identities and doppelgängers, false prophets, love and love lost, the corruption of power and fragility of what is real or true. Using a recreation of Marcel Duchamp's Étant Donnés, a trickster of old mythology awakens Maria Martins (played by Kim Gordon and Hannelore Knuts) from the sculpture. She finds her lover (a captive Marcel Duchamp) forced to recite chess moves to an unknown game. So Maria must enter a deep rabbit hole to save her love."