When Architecture (the most public of all art forms) meets Cinema (the most popular), something quite orgiastic happens. Not a mere cross-translation of 2D and 3D space, architecture and film share the intention of giving people their rightful place in our constructed world.

Can you think of a film that doesn’t feature at least one building? How about a building that is a film…?

Here's a list of buildings that play a starring role in film:

1. Le Vele di Scampia - Gomorrah (2008)

I know it's massively ghetto, but the way the camera panned out and across this concrete monster made me love this building (and film).

2. Villa Malaparte - Contempt (1963)

Paul and Camille's declining marriage is mirrored by the use of confined space within their apartment. When they later holiday in Capri at Villa Malaparte, Camille (played by Brigitte Bardot) frees herself from her relationship by sunning herself on the rooftop and kissing another man. Hot.

3. Lake House, Chicago - The Lake House (2006)

Shit film; great building.

4. Robin Hood Gardens - Sugarhouse (2007)

Andy Serkis stomps around the RHG estate (soon to be demolished) as a deranged drug dealer. The flagrant urban contrast between slick Canary Wharf and the estate symbolise the colliding worlds of characters Tom and D; city dweller and RHG resident.

5. The Brunswick - The Passenger (1981)

Here, architectural form dominates the frame. The concourse and main staircase that Jack Nicholson walks along are now sadly demolished. Was the Brunswick better with its labyrinthine qualities?

6. Villa Necchi Campiglio - I Am Love (2009)

The splendour of this Milanese villa is the epitome of Italian rationalist architecture and provides the perfect backdrop for the bourgeoisie Recchi family. Tilda Swinton's long limbs drape sensuously along stylish furniture (neo-classicisal yet detailed modernism). And what a beautiful staircase…

7. Torres Blancas - The Limits of Control (2009)

Pascal Schöning presented this film at RIBA's first Disegno Film Night last November. Selected as "a useful summary of the many cultural fields encompassed within cinematic architecture," the film features Madrid's Torres Blancas; the ideal setting for a naked woman swimming, a naked woman sleeping, a naked woman saying: "Do you like my ass?"

8. Tativille [fictional] - Playtime (1967)

Futuristic shiny floors make Jacques Tati skid and stumble in a satirically hilarious fashion. No ordinary city - Tativille housed tower blocks on wheels. And what a feat to create such a pseudo city! (Even if it did eventually lead to Tati’s bankruptcy…)

9. A cameo appearance: Trellick Tower, Withnail and I (1987)

Interestingly, the film is set in 1969 but Trellick did not loom over west London until its completion in 1972 - a very architecturally geeky anachronism!

10. The cityscape built for Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans (1926)

This is also pretty awesome