Over the past few years there has been a heavy influence of the 80s over the pop music coming our way. Some artists have just added in a retro sounding beat or synthesiser to try and ride the wave, and some people have really taken it to heart and produced some great 21st Century pop, with an 80s bite to it. Architecture In Helsinki definitely fall into the later category. Hailing from Melbourne Moment Bends is the forth album to come from 5-piece Architecture In Helsinki since 2003. The band have won favour and opening slots with the likes of David Byrne, Death Cab For Cutie, and Clap Your Hands And Say Yeah!, and done remixes for Metronomy and Cut Copy.

It's this note about remixes that really gets me thinking about Moment Bends. There have been quite a few bands of recent years known just as much for their original material as for the remixes of it, and their remixes of other artists; I'm thinking of bands like Hot Chip and CSS. To me, this album sounds like it has to potential to produce some great remixes. That isn't to say there aren't good songs here, not at all, just perhaps that they could have been pushed a bit further, with a little more enthusiasm. It's all a bit mid-tempo, a bit too much like filler, album tracks. What's more is some of the sounds are so evocative of synth-pop classics you might think they were samples; leading to a lack of identity and cohesion.

What is engaging about Architecture In Helsinki are the vocals. There are at least three different vocalists on this album and it's their intertwining, and the varying choice of lead vocal that brings some depth and interest. 'W.O.W.' has gentle female vocal not unlike Ladytron, where as 'Contact High' comes near to Mika, and then throws in some vocoder that reminds me of Yeasayer.

Architecture In Helsinki are definitely a pop band. Not pop in the bubblegum sense but the populist, light and enjoyable sense. Moment Bends is full of creativity and ideas, but I just can't imagine anyone getting excited by it, and in a world where attention spans are forever shrinking, I think this will just get lost.