Apple are reportedly considering going back to the way of the 1990's Macs by bringing out a range of coloured iPhones. I'm sure it's not inspired at all by the multicolour Daleks from Dr. Who, or the fact that the Nokia 3310s used to have interchangeable covers. Mine was a Pokemon inspired one in case you were wondering.

The company are also reportedly considering a 5.7" iPhone, which may show they're planning to bring out a larger family, diversifying from what Steve Jobs originally set the company out to be. This version would allow the Dulux colour chart range of colours, whilst a more expensive premium version aimed at businessmen and schoolchildren would only come in the standard black and white.

This could just be Apple keeping up appearances and sloting itself alongside Samsung who currently offer a broad range of models for a varying range of prices, something Apple has never really particapted in. A basic model would open the market to a spectrum of potential buyers who the company has never had prior access to.

Is this a good move for Apple or will they find a pit full of knives at the end of this rainbow?