Last month we told you about the Australian tech retailer Kogan's plan to implement an IE7 tax to force users buying products on their site to upgrade their browsers. Well, now it would seem the plot has thickened.

It appears that the companies main website, (which hosts the blog that originally announced the IE7 tax, has mysteriously disappeared from Microsoft search engines Bing and Yahoo's organic search. If you type into the search bar, the site doesn't show up on the first page of results. When we checked this out for ourselves, we found the same thing happened - however, the companies UK site was all present and correct. But then, the UK site doesn't host the blog that may have kicked off this controversy.

Kogan had this to say on their blog:

"This is very strange considering we are big Microsoft fans. We love what Microsoft have contributed to the personal computing space over several decades. We never waged war against Microsoft over IE7, we simply wanted people to upgrade their web browsers – we even mentioned many times in the media how the latest versions of Internet Explorer comply with the latest web standards and are suitable browsers."

Now, it's all too easy to start screaming "web conspiracy" from the rooftops, but anyone who's worked in web development knows there are many things that can bump a website from a search engine, be it some arbitrary code change or just a plain old fashioned bug. Bearing this in mind, we asked Microsoft if they wished to comment on the situation, and as soon as they have replied we will bring you an update.