The tale of Crow’s new electro-pop single ‘Go’ is fraught. Its release is a relief for the Argentinian-American artist, who puts everything she has into her music. Heavy-hitting production defines her sound; her unique persistence sets her apart. Though she has been active in the local community—check out her Failure Confessions series on Instagram—this track serves as her debut. Below you’ll find the video, which was directed by Victoria Innocenzi and conceived by Crow and Innocenzi.

One of the best things we can do to move beyond our past is to simply let go. The story of how ‘Go’ came to be is colored with some irony, in that Crow’s inability to let it go made it a powerful personal anthem. She wrote it when she was 16, and was encouraged to make it a “120 bpm hit,” though that was not necessarily her first thought. She signed deals and worked with producers thinking that would lead her to be the artist she’d imagined, but none of the early versions of the song matched her vision. But instead of scrapping it altogether, she took time to perfect it.

Crow took the step to leave her managers and get out of the deals she had naïvely struck; it was the first time she defied the advice of her parents and mentors, and it proved to be one of the most important actions she has ever taken. A press release explains that she did it “because she knew it was the right move to reclaim her power as an artist. This highlights the core message of ‘Go’: releasing what doesn’t serve you, and trusting the mystery of the future.”

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