Starting 2019 strong is NYC native Ariana and the Rose, who is back with the visuals for her latest track, 'Night Owl'. It’s a track that encapsulates everything we love about Ariana - the bright colours, the carefree attitude, the confidence, and the infectious dance beats. Ariana also shares some words and photos from the video shoot, exclusively with The 405.

'Night Owl' is your first new track of 2019. What's the story about how this one came together, lyrically speaking?

I wrote this song in LA with one of my favourite producers Stuart Crichton. It was actually the first time we met each other. I was spending some time in LA, I had gotten out of relationship several months before and was really started to feel like myself again. Stuart wrote the bass line and I started singing over it and the lyrics just flowed out of me. The whole mood was celebratory; it was so organic to write a song about coming back to myself.

Ariana-BTS 1

What inspired the art direction of the video? Walk us through the concept you had in mind.

This video is so special to me for a few reasons. Firstly, it was directed by one of my best friends Scarlet Moreno. She and I were driving one day and I was just chatting about the song and she said, "you need to do a look video." And we both just immediately got excited. She's the queen of creating striking tableaus on film, so I knew I was in good hands.

The aesthetic is about retaining the galactic and futuristic heart of my project but stepping away from glitter and some of the colour palettes I've already been working with. Each look is a different side to me. We loved the idea of tonal sets and styling and the choreography ties it all together.

Secondly, the majority of the creative team on this video is comprised of women, most of which are my close friends. Getting to do a video with so much female energy with people I admire was so so special. Chaine Leyendecker styled the video. She and Scarlet are so amazing at pushing me to be my most extra self. They're literally like, "you're wearing a crown, it's happening." They know me so well and know how to create looks that feel heightened and effortless at the same time. Marygene Rose did the makeup, who is also on Pat McGrath's team and she is a true artist. She creates art and a face is her canvas. Amy Gardner did the choreography. She also works on Light + Space, the immersive event I created and have been performing in Brooklyn and LA. It was important to us to pull the same kind of quirky yet contemporary style movement that I use in my live show into the video. All of these women worked to pull out the best parts of me for this video, I am so lucky to have such amazingly talented friends and get to create with them.

Ariana-BTS 2

Your Light + Space events are like no other, and I imagine it's only natural you've been inspired by those. How has 'Night Owl' been influenced by those events?

As soon as I wrote this song I said, "this has to go into light + space!" I love creating music you can dance to that isn't necessarily "dance" music or EDM. The vibe of Light + Space lives in the same place, it's a combination a club night and a show, so it feels much more welcoming than what we've come to know as "club" experiences. There's a welcoming and open quality to 'Night Owl' which is how I want the live shows to feel as well. It all influences each other. I go to shows and feed off the energy of the crowd and want to make music for them to step inside of and lose themselves in. And then once the song is done, I can't wait to put it into the shows and see how everyone reacts. It's a continuous cycle!

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You've toured and released a lot of songs over the years, will 2019 be the year of an Ariana and the Rose album?

I've been so fortunate to get to tour in the UK and the states and put out music that has found an audience. There is definitely a bunch of new music coming out... could be an EP, could be two! I feel very strongly that a debut album from an artist should happen at the exact right time. I love putting EPs out because it allows for growth and change much more quickly. I'll definitely put an album out at some point, I'm focused on getting as much new music out as I can in 2019.

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