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Ariana Grande's sophomore album, My Everything, is a record that deals with matters of the heart. It's all about *~*~* L O V E *~*~* and how trust is a prize that is both won and lost. In 2014, hookup culture is a hot topic, and Grande is certainly familiar with the complicated game.

Standing at five feet tall and 21-years-old (without the stilettos), Grande seems harmless, but when she opens her mouth, everybody better stand back because her belts will break you. And if you've done her wrong, you've got another thing coming your way in the press... or on gossip sites. (REWIND: Remember how Grande started on Nickelodeon in Victorious? Let's just all take a moment and acknowledge the fact that she wasn't the star stealing the spotlight until three years later... yeah.)

Grande has earned herself a prestigious reputation as a chart climber. Midway through the summer, 'Problem' earned her a No. 1 spot on Billboard's Hot 100, a great feat for her and Iggy Azalea separately, but a greater triumph to share together. (The video could have used some work, but that's not what this review is about.)

This time around, Grande's sound is less '90s R&B, but she still incorporates the previous elements that made her so favourable within the 15 tracks: slow love ballads, sexy dance jams, and catchy pop anthems. Instead of releasing all of the greatest hits on the LP, Grande opted for previewing her most experimental songs. Although she polished her vocals, she's kind of all over the place-- My Everything literally contains everything. But no matter how much of a diva Grande comes off as, she should not be mistaken as your average pop star-- she's more than that, and this album solidifies that undeniable truth.

While it seems like the direction of Grande's music is potentially questionable, there's no doubt that the singer has a smart team behind her. She could have played it safe and stuck to the sugary, bubblegum R&B hooks, but she dropped all the cute du-wops and traded them for a taste of EDM bass drops, collaborating with some of the best producers in the industry right now like Cashmere Cat ('Be My Baby', 'Break Your Heart Right Back') and Zedd ('Break Free'). She even reached out to The Weeknd for 'Love Me Harder' and the result was something next level. This song will set the dance floor ablaze, the walls dripping with steam from all the dirty bump-n-grinding.

Plenty of club bangers set the bar for My Everything, but Grande turns them all into full on anthems. Out is Mac Miller, and in comes A$AP Ferg on 'Hands On Me', and Childish Gambino on 'Break Your Heart Right Back'. And then there's something about Grande and Big Sean that makes sense. The two were a great team on prior single 'Right There', but 'Best Mistake' is even better as the singer and rapper serenade us on the grounds that sneaking around with each other was the best mistake they ever made. (If this isn't based on personal, real life experience, they have quite the imagination. Is there something we should know about? I'm asking for a friend...)

My only criticism is that Grande can carry a note all by herself, so why make a majority of the track list features? She's not an up-and-coming artist anymore and for the most part, neither are any of the other artists that are featured on this LP. Having that many collaborators on one album makes them a little less meaningful.

Ariana Grande is a small girl, but she's got a big voice and an even bigger heart. Yours Truly kept you singing until the moon shined and My Everything will make you want to dance until the sun comes up. It's provocative, grown, and for lack of better vocabulary, a fucking pleasure to listen to. Give it up for Grande.

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