Back in 2013, Ariel Pink tweeted something about an incident in which he was maced by a girl (read the tweet below). No further explanation was given, but Alexi Wasser, host of the web series "Alexi in Bed", remembered and brought the incident up. The story that follows isn't pretty, and doesn't paint Pink in a particularly flattering light to say the least.

He kicks off the story by saying "I got maced by a feminist," before adding "hashtag hate crime," and Wasser (reasonably so) rolls her eyes. He went home with a girl after going out to a party. She was young, she was nice, I thought everything was cool," explaining that "she talked about her dad all night—and, I listened, whatever."

The next morning (they didn't "do it", as he made sure to explain) he thought they should grab lunch together, and got a smoothie beforehand. While they were waiting in line, they got into an argument about who should pay. He then said "You know, women's lib, all that kind of stuff, she makes her own money, she can fucking pay for her own lunch," continuing "but: I suggested it, I never offered to pay for lunch."

He isn't too pleased with her at this point, saying "basically, she thought she had me wrapped around her finger because I listened to her daddy." Classy. He explained further: This is my psychological evaluation. She wanted to bitch me out in public because she's like, 'I got a good one. I got a great Kurt Cobain wannabe and he's respectful of women and I can shame him in public. This is just the guy I want.'"

"So I let her shout at the top of her lungs at me for a long time, then I said something like, 'Shut your mouth, little girl, respect your elders, and fucking get out of here.'" If all that wasn't bad enough, when Pink attempted to leave, the girl followed him. This is when she maced him, and when he came to half an hour later, he had found that she broke his car's windshield and rearview mirrors and scratched "asshole" onto the side of his car with keys.

Oh, trust me, it gets even better from here - Pink explains that the reason he went home with her is because she didn't know who he was. He was thrilled that she saw him simply as "a piece of meat" which normally doesn't happen because he's "a genius." Well then. If you're feeling up to it, you can watch the entire segment below.