Ariel Pink shared 'I Need A Minute' earlier this year. Now he's shared the single's digital b-side, 'Hall of Screams' - you can listen to that over at Pitchfork.

'I Need A Minute' features on the soundtrack for new film, Heaven Knows What. It's out on shuriken-shaped 7" vinyl, backed with a collaboration between Ariel Pink and Dev Hynes aka Blood Orange, 'Heaven Can't Wait'.

Describing the music for the film, Ariel Pink wrote:

"In a stucco tile peeling off the corner - short circuit neon flickers on a cracked mirror over a scuzzy fossitwith pubic hairs encrusted in heaven’s Mcdonald’s… The ecstasy of a locked door. The moments of personal bliss away from the noise of the wretched streets. red bull logo - it’s serenity. synthetic artificial candy opiated bliss. cough drop. christmas eve temporary relief - warmth found in the bosom of a bathroom of a department store."

Watch the video for 'I Need A Minute' below.