Back in November, when the surprise announcement of Grimes' latest album Art Angels began to spread, one of the first ventures into the new release was the cosmic and beguiling 'Scream', featuring unknown Taipei rapper Aristophanes. It was an energetic and disorienting take from both parties, but the curiosity remained of who Aristophanes was. Now, with a bit of hype her way, the rapper has revealed the first new music since 'Scream' with 'Dreams Of Caves', featuring Tien and Tokyo producer Hamacide.

The track comes from Aristophanes soon-to-be released EP No Rush To Leave Dreams and it undoubtedly carries much of the experimental pop weight that attracted Grimes to work with her. Hamacide's production is other-worldly on the effort, pushing Aristophanes unfamiliar flow forward, while Tien reigns in the flushing chorus.

Listen to 'Dreams of Caves' below and look out for her EP, coming soon.