A couple of weeks ago we were enthralled by 'Fluorescences', the new track from Alexis Georgopoulos aka ARP, the first single from his upcoming album ZEBRA. Today we have the pleasure of premiering the visual accompaniment to this whimsical composition.

The video for 'Fluorescences' is a collaborative affair; shot on Super 8 film by cinematographer Shawn Brackbill, art directed by Georgopoulos and edited by the video’s star Monica Hofstadter. The resulting piece is a colourful accompaniment to the sprightly and inventive track.

"The song itself is quite playful, really. As it took shape, it kind of felt as if it started glowing. So, I started joking around that it was a love song about fluorescent tubes! Which is it is, in part”, explains Georgopoulos. “I’d always loved the idea of Kraftwerk writing this incredible, romantic song about the lights of the city at night (‘Neon Lights’), which really is one of their great tracks. And I sort of went with that kind of idea, and ‘Fluoresences’ became — while stylistically something altogether very different — an analog of sorts. A love song to light. To this very modern, sort of alien phenomenon. But, a kind of springtime glow, a strange oxymoron.”

“Originally, we’d wanted to shoot it on VHS, but it didn’t materialize easily so we went with Super 8, which, strangely, can share certain qualities with VHS, in terms of how light saturates the film”, he adds. “We’d been watching that Wim Wenders documentary ‘Notebooks on Cities and Clothes’ and Elizabeth Lennard’s ‘Tokyo Melody’, and there were qualities we were after that we’d loved about those documentaries.”

Watch 'Fluorescences' below.

ARP's ZEBRA comes out through Mexican Summer on June 22nd - pre-order here.